Why Attend

Why Attend TeleTracking's Client Conference?

You may be getting less performance from your patient flow system than you could be. Find out what you're missing by attending TeleTracking's Client Conference.  We have lots of new tips, tricks and tactics that we've developed in cooperation with clients just like you.

This year's conference will highlight...

  • Industry & Motivational Keynote Speakers
  • Best Practices & Proven Outcomes
  • A Glimpse into the Future
  • Client Success Stories
  • Hot Topic Round Table Discussions
  • Sunrise Sessions
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Networking Receptions

How do you know how you're doing? The time for guessing is over. Efficiency is your hospital's ace in the hole in this time of reform.

Are your improvement projects really improving anything? Unfortunately people-driven projects lack consistent measurement. People forget. They lose motivation. They get bored. That's why many hospitals have turned to automated patient flow systems to gather performance data in real time. Dip into the data stream anywhere, anytime to see if your efficiency initiatives are really working.

By combining real time location technology with the best patient flow software in the industry, TeleTracking is redefining hospital management. And data is the key. Executives and managers now have a ready, reliable source for instant information about their daily processes, so they can rectify problems on the fly.

Do You Need Help Justifying Why You Should Attend?

TeleTracking understands that many organizations continue to cut the travel and training budgets of their employees. Regardless of the immeasurable value our conference holds, we know you will need to present your employer with measurable costs and benefits in order to justify your attendance. Please use this Expense Reimbursement Form to help calculate the travel fees that you'll incur.