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Although TeleCon20 is virtual this year, we look forward to the connectedness, inspiration, and collaboration that this new experience will bring!

We’re excited to announce that the TeleBar is back by popular demand! TeleTracking experts will be available for 1:1 consults to work through your most pressing questions, and the 45-minute consultations are available throughout the week. To schedule an appointment, click on the links below.

Not sure who to meet with?

  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Data and insight experts will provide education and training on SynapseIQ Enterprise. Analysts can also answer questions and provide insight to clients who are interested in transitioning to SynapseIQ Enterprise from TeleTracking’s legacy analytics products. For example: What reports should I look at to determine XYZ, and how often should they be sent to key leaders in my organization?
  • Integration Analyst: Integration experts will be ready to field questions about interfaces, common systems that provide value when integrated with TeleTracking, and project-related questions to help with pre-integration planning. For example, We use XYZ HER. What integration points make sense? I would like staffing information included on TeleTracking’s Portal Boards—is that possible?
  • Workflow / Application Consultant: Patient flow experts will address questions ranging from details about TeleTracking Best Practices, standard workflows, software functionality, and tactics for increasing adoption and compliance. Consultants can address questions regarding Capacity Management SuiteTransfer CenterClinical Workflow Suite and RTLS. For example: How do we enable the Auto-Transport feature & what do we need to consider before doing so?
  • Technical Support Engineer: Engineers will be available to answer “how-to” questions about TeleTracking software and provide updates on existing support cases. For example: What’s the best way to do a patient search to determine why a patient is showing up in a given location?
  • Patient Flow Advisor: Our seasoned advisory consultants will field questions about change management, patient flow governance and leading your organization to best practices and improved outcomes. For example: What are the critical components of a patient flow governance council that need to be in place in order to be successful?
  • Technical Project Manager / Solution Architect: Discuss the technology landscape and requirements as you move towards future TeleTracking solutions, and learn how modern analytics solutions, cutting edge mobile applications, and cloud-based service offerings can assist in achieving positive outcomes. For example:How do we upgrade our on-premise solutions to take advantage of TeleTracking cloud-based IQ solutions, and what user experience changes are involved?
  • Learning Management Office (LMO): Members of the LMO team will provide expertise to improve TeleTracking adoption, engagement and value through training. The LMO will explore the role-based e-Learning modules, provide guidance for on-going staff training and answer all of your training questions. For Example: How can I integrate TeleTracking training into our new-hire process?

Upon your registration, a TeleTracking representative will follow-up to confirm your appointment and provide dial-in information.

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We look forward to ‘seeing’ you in October!

Questions? Please email us.